Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guns, Bad tippers, and birth defects... why do they exist in my world?

So, today, I will be enlightening you with some news stories I've recently come across that have generally just pissed me off. I'll give ya the links and let you decide what you think, but as always I'll go on and on about what I think.

1. Supreme Court Expected to relax handgun bans
Okay, first of all, when reading this short article aloud to my mom, her first response was, "are you sure this isn't from The Onion?" Because indeed, it sounds ridiculous enough to be made up:

"Starbucks is embracing 'open-carry' gun laws, and allowing patrons to bear arms while ordering Frappacino's

WHAT???!!! What the hell? Anyways, it just goes on to say that now the Supreme Court is most likely going to make a decision that there should be a national right to bear arms- i.e. cities, states, other locales should not be allowed to make this rule on their own. I'm sorry but this makes no sense at all to me. Why is our country regressing? Shouldn't we be moving in the opposite direction towards stricter gun control laws, as in NO open carry laws? In England, they don't allow handguns to be carried anywhere or even owned (I'm fairly certain) without extremely strict regulations. And can we please compare their gun crime to ours? They have next to none, and we have people dying everyday from gunshot wounds.

I don't live (currently) in a place where people walk around with handguns, so I don't know too many people personally affected by gun crime. But at my old job where I encountered many a city-dweller, poor neighborhood resident or former felon, I met many people whose lives were affected by gun crime. One guy I employed and saw a few times at a store in town, I later found out was killed in a drive by shooting. It made me really sad, to see a young guy (he was 21), who was also a father, killed simply because he was in the line of a gun's fire. This happens way more than any of us can imagine I'm sure.

I definitely don't buy the argument that people should be allowed to have handguns in order to protect themselves from criminals who carry guns. If the criminals weren't allowed to have guns, then there would be no need for any law-abiding citizens to have them correct? And while I do admit that knives can be lethal (see London), it is much harder to get within that less-than-one-inch range in order to stab than to shoot from yards away with a gun.

Anyways, I personally feel a 'conspiracy theory' coming on. (I don't like that phrase but many people would probably think this sounds conspiracy theory-ish). I think its an agreement between the US government and gun companies, in order to keep them in business. Call me crazy, but why else would this ludicrousness be occurring?

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