Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bad tippers....

Okay so I figured I would chunk up my articles because the first one was getting a bit lengthy. So we are onto number 2:

Okay, I have to say up front, that my annoyance with this whole story revolves mostly around the fact that I'm a waitress and have been for some time, and I gotta be honest, I loathe people like this woman.

I am completely and 100% on the restaurant's side. I have never been lucky enough to work in a restaurant that would refuse service to someone who didn't tip (not that the places I've worked are bad, just that it is defintely atypical restaurant management/ owner behaviour). I mean usually the mantra goes that 'the cusomer is always right,' meaning if the customer chooses not to tip its their personal choice. This is where the problem comes in though.

Clearly this lady had no problem with the service, seeing that she was a regular customer. If you like the service, you leave a tip. This is standard restaurant etiquette. Believe me, I have read Emily Post and the like.

I guess the only part I somewhat agree with the woman on, is the mystery gratuity charges she received. (On a side note, does the way she says "grat-oo-it-tay" annoy anyone else?) I don't think it's fair to charge her and 2 other people the service charge when its their policy to charge only groups of 6 or more. And not tell her. They should have let that one slide, and then not let her in next time (i.e. what actually did happen).

But I am all in favor of the restaurant not letting her come back. I loved when the owner said something about how she couldn't eat there because all of the servers and cooks refused to serve her! LOVE IT!!!!!! hahahahahaha, as a server, I must say, it makes me want to go apply at that restaurant.

In all actuality however, I doubt this would ever be the norm. I have never worked anywhere that would have refused her service. As lowly servers, we must grin and bear it (or should I say scowl and spit in your food?) when it comes to class-less cheap asses like this lady.

The End:) (until the next rant...)

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