Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is what I've missed out on.......

So I was reading one of my fav websites today and read a very funny article that showed exactly what I've been missing out on whilst living outside the US. Man vs. Food, what doublex describes rightly as 'man porn'. The article made me chuckle. Then I looked up a clip on youtube of the show and not-surprisingly it was exactly as they had described. Disturbing. Then I asked my parents if they had heard of the show. They answered 'yes' as if everyone in the world would have heard of this show.... perhaps now they have.

Hello from America!

A quick update, for myself/ anyone who bothers reading this. I now write to you from America! I am back living at home for the time being. I've been back home since December 17, when my bf William and I traveled over for the holidays. Since we were very busy over the few weeks he was here (and because in the last days of me being in London I was equally swamped!) I haven't updated at all- I understand your sadness! Weep no more though, as I am back to give my opinion on everything happening in the world, books I'm reading, movies I'm watching, etc!
Update on my vegetarianism...
Happy to say, still going strong! 46 days, two major holidays and lots of bacon jealousy later, I'm still meatless! Been out to eat lots of times and am discovering its not too hard to find veggie options at all the places I would normally eat at home:) I got two vegan/ vegetarian cookbooks for Christmas which I am eager to try out:)
Update on what I'm reading...
Am reading lots of old Newsweeks in a vain attempt to keep up with things I've missed in the past few months- esp. because I love Newsweek (though I must say I hate the new format- they need to bring back the old format!). Read an article I obviously liked- on Fox's un-American news reporting. Talked about how biased they are and how they consistently defend their bias and how their bad reporting is making the other networks bad in an effort to compete with Fox. Obvi I liked the article. Any article that rips on Fox is delightful in my book.
Reading 'They take our jobs' by Aviva Chomsky (pretty sure the daughter of Noam) on the myths of why immigration is bad for the US. I may be researching this topic for a while- this book seemed like a good place to start. I'll update on things I like/ dislike etc.
Other than that, I'm home, and should have more time to write now! However I do wish my inspiration, my bf William, was here with me still. Sadly, he's now back in London- though I'm counting down the days til I see him!!!
PS- I'm also starting a new 'work-out' regimen to go along w/ my healthy eating (for lack of better word) regimen. I'm out!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Apparently I'm not the only one who see's the true evil of Rupert Murdoch. In the Guardian's weekend supplemental magazine, a provacative interview with George Michael revealed that he has the same feelings towards the man as I do. He refers to Murdoch as 'the devil'. Amen G.M., amen.

Day 23 and all's fine....

So, dear friends (or just Dana, re-reading her own un-inspiring words), I am on day 23 of vegetarianism. No beef, pork, poultry, fish or any other animal meat have I consumed in the past 23 days. I can honestly say it hasn't been hard so far. I don't know if that's because I never ate a ton of meat in the first place, who knows. I also have been trying to snack more healthily and consume less dairy. Soy milk is just fine for me, but I do love cheese, so that is a continuing struggle, but until I decide to go vegan, I'll just eat in moderation.

In my continuing quest of healthiness and need for further inspiration as to why being healthy is worth the extra time and money, I watched the documentary Food Inc and read Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation.

Fast Food Nation was pretty good, and full of interesting albeit more small tidbits and factoids about the fast food industry than anyone would probably care to know. None-the-less, it definitely is an interesting look at what happens behind the scenes in fast food land. And has definitely inspired me to not eat/or eat very very limited-ly at the chains mentioned in the book, which shouldn't be had, as most of the offerings are meat products. Along with Food Inc, its just interesting to see how many government and food industry links there are. Another reason not to trust the government, as if I needed another lol.


In recent news, Obama has sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. At the same time he has set a deadline for the troop presence (I think in 2010 or 2011). Obviously he is trying to please both sides, but honestly, will this work? NO. Nothing will work- agression-wise that is. The only hope for the Afghan people is for non-governmental agencies to be a force of good within the country, building infrastructure and providing jobs so that young men won't be tempted to join the Taliban out of desperation for money. Obama's strategy won't 'save' the Afghan people. Bombs don't save people. They kill people.

I guess that's it for now. Sorry I've been in a non-blogging mode the past week and a half. It may be easier when I'm done with work, and/ or when I'm back in the US.

*PS included an interesting site I found... check it out.