Monday, January 11, 2010

2010- twenty-ten or two thousand ten?

I prefer two thousand ten, but keep hearing everyone in the news, on tv etc saying 'twenty-ten.' I'd like to know- who decides these things? Do we simply go on precedent alone? I guess in the twentieth century it was called 'nineteen-ten' BUT I guess it would have seemed silly to go the extra mile and say 'nineteen hundred ten' or 'one thousand nine hundred ten.' Just makes me wonder who decides how we say the year.

Been trying to 'bone up' on the current health care reform bill. Seems all good to me- which is what I was thinking when I knew less about it. In my mind, any social health care reform would be beneficial to the people of this country. I especially like the fact that anyone- between jobs, unemployed, etc could have the option (or would be required) to get the national health care, because honestly at this point its scary to be uninsured (as I am). Every day when I get on the tread mill I get scared to run faster than a certain speed because I realize that falling off the treadmill at a fast speed could definitely hurt me. It sound funny- but I am a klutz so I actually am a bit scared.

I also like the fact that there's a limit to how much a person or family would have to pay in one year. I think it's around five thousand dollars. Which is a ton to the average person anyways, but better than the tens of thousands of dollars some people are paying right now. I also like the fact that insurance companies wouldn't be able to refuse people with pre-existing conditions. Good.

Every day that I'm living in the US again I get more and more frightened of the influence that Fox news has over people. Yikes. I think its extreme brain-washing to the maximum. Glen Beck= a very frightening individual in my book.

Got some quality books at the library today, so hopefully I'll be able to get through some quickly and update:)