Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birth defects in Fallujah.

On a much more serious note than the last article, I hated reading this one. It just makes me so frustrated and upset that our weapons and our war has caused some babies to be born with birth defects such as severe heart conditions. Children are going to die because of weapons we used years ago. It really just makes me realize what a cruel and unjust place our world is. It makes me really sad to think that my country of citizenship's destruction in other parts of the world will continue to cause death and devastation even years and years after it is 'done' with its 'operation freedom' or whatever stupid name they've come up with now.

It's like our government/ military industrial complex feels it can do whatever it wants, when it wants, using whatever weapons it wants without any regard for who it hurts/ kills. Including deaths of our own soldiers. I, in no way blame the soldiers who fight the wars, because in many cases, they have not had a choice in the matter. No agency of the government pays like the US military does and its definitely not as easy to get in any other facet of a US government agency. So I do not blame anyone who signs up, as in our country with this economy, the military would seem like a good economic choice, as opposed to let's say, a minimum wage job or something similar.

I compared going into the peace corps vs. enlisting in the army post-high school (even not counting the lengthy application process of peace corps vs. the speedy application process of the army). In peace corps, you get a stipend which is similar to the living wage of the place you are living (and since most places are poor that peace corps is stationed, this may equate to 100 or 200 bucks a month). As opposed to the army, where at the very least, they start you out at 1500 to 2000 a month. In peace corps, you receive a $6000 stipend for edu loans/ college at the end of the 2 years. In the army, in 2008 at least, they gave you a $40,000 sign on bonus for signing up for a 4 year contract. (See article.)

It just seems to me that at least money-wise, going into the army seems like the logical choice. So where does the blame fall? The military-industrial complex. The companies that produce weapons capable of causing birth defects years after their use. The government that allows and mandates that such weapons be used.

Anyways I feel that's enough ranting for one day.

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