Sunday, March 7, 2010

Attempting to be "greener"

While flipping through Glamour's April 2010 issue, I stumbled upon an article entitled "13 Easy Ways to Live Green and Save Up to $1700." I feel that in my upcoming move to NYC (and move-IN w/ my boyfriend) I would like to make a concerted effort to be more "green." Not that I've been particularly "un-green" in the past, I would just like to step up my efforts. Here's Glamour's suggestions:

1. Use a mug instead of paper coffee cup. (In my old 8-5 office job, I was very good about bringing my coffee into work in a mug, so this one should be fine.)

2. Think before you buy. (Basically they are saying to buy less, or buy local, or even just buying things w less packaging. I think this will work for me.... and hopefully Will- the bf:)

3. Recycle your old gadgets. (I think I've done alright with this one in the past, I recycle old cell phones and I've donated old computers to family and friends.)

4. Try fabric cloths to clean up around the house. (I could definitely employ this one a bit more, I tend to use paper towels for cleanup. Also, maybe I will try to use cloth napkins as opposed to paper napkins and paper towels.)

5. Use hand dryers in public restrooms. (I will admit, I HATE hand dryers and love using paper towels, but I will try to use hand dryers more if I must.)

6. Drink tap water. (I do drink a lot of tap water, usually I just refill old bottled water bottles, but I guess I could buy a nicer water container which would inspire me a bit more).

7. Eat your leftovers. (I am good about this, and will just have to make sure Will is alright with doing this too!)

8. Go organic when you can. (I will definitely TRY to do this more.)

9. Eat more whole foods. (i.e. less processed foods- I think this will be easy for Will and I, we like cooking, and I don't think either one of us is too attached to many processed foods.)

10. Buy in bulk. (I think Will will like this challenge, because he is all about us signing up for a membership at Sam's Club!)

11. Have two vegetarian meals each week. (Not gonna be too hard for me since I became a vegetarian last November:)

12. Choose chicken over beef. (I don't choose either, so not a problem.)

13. Eat what's in season. (A bit harder for me, because I don't actually know what's in season most of the time lol. But I will work on learning!)


Anyways, that's Glamour's list, which I liked and will work on. My own add-on's will be:

14. Use re-usable grocery bags. (I was really good about this in London, so hopefully it will continue in NYC)

15. Walk or ride bike, when possible. (I have to get a bike first of course, but walking is always an option. And since I won't have a car, walking is definitely the preferred method over public transportation!)

16. No paper towels, paper plates, etc. (I'm way too dependant on these and I can just as easily use cloth towels and actual plates.)

17. Eat food with less packaging. (No brainer, but could prove a challenge.)


All I could think of for now, if I think of more I'll update in the future!

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